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verex douaneservice

Customs formalities

We can take care of all your customs procedures throughout the Netherlands.

This means that in addition to the usual customs declarations such as import/ export declarations, Transit declarations T1 , T2 we also provide e -AD excise declarations.

We can also process your certificates of origin such as the CoO , EUR.1 and ATR. We can also help with the registration and licensing for import and export of dangerous substances.

In addition, we also act as Limited Fiscal Representative for foreign companies, importing goods - see the section on General and Limited Fiscal Representation for import.

We specialise in problem solving for transport / VAT warehouse / storage and handling of (wet) bulk goods. For example the excises goods, bunkers from and to the shipping vessels and board / board transfer of ( wet ) bulk - see section on excises.

Applying for customs permits such as Excise license (AGP), Customs warehouse, end-use formalities etc. are in safe hands with us as well as guiding the creation and adaptation of an AO/IB and/or AEO certificate.

In the Dutch Portbase and the Belgian APCS we can take care of all possible communications such as Trader At Exit , release load and export reports. Also we can provide the completion of all custom formalities and requirements for household removal goods and pleasure boats.

Our customer base includes companies from all industries and countries.

General and Limited Fiscal Representation for import

Foreign companies that import goods into the Netherlands and then export them onwards, do not want to pay VAT on these imports. Companies therefore do not want to perform a complete VAT tax administration, as well as not always being fully aware of the VAT legislation.

We can act as an Limited Fiscal Representative where we enter the goods under our Tax VAT number and we then transfer the VAT taxes to the final recipients in the EU. The company does not need to register itself for VAT. Therefore they will have only one partner for both customs and VAT matters.

We can also act as General Tax Representative with a permit to allow us to transfer the import VAT taxes. For the foreign company we request a personal Dutch VAT number to which all trading activities can be specified. This would be required for declarations such as the import of goods and transfer of goods to other EU countries but also for EU acquisitions.

We provide all the VAT administration including the Intra-Community and Intrasat returns for you.


Verex has been a specialist in the field of excise goods for many years. As a result of our acquired knowledge, we are regularly asked to help solve excise issues.

We do this for:

  • Terminals
  • Transporters
  • Traders
  • Bunker companies
  • Storage and production companies.

We have experience in solving all the possible problems in the field of excises. We can also provide (on site, at a terminal, if needs be) a declaration for the excises (GPA month).

After importing, we can formulate e -AD documents for excise shipments to all destinations within the EU for small packages to full shiploads. Also for personalized e -AD documents with your own name and excises license you can contact us. For these declarations we work with automated EMCS applications.

The advantage is that your company does not need to invest in new software and you are assured of our expertise in the preparation of tax documents which we are able to provide 365 days of the year.

Also for the hospitality and liquor trade we can provide solutions for excise. Verex is a registered excise company for wine, beer and other beverages.

Continuously more wine and beer is purchased by the hospitality industry directly from Belgium and France. As a registered company, we take care of the excise payment and handling of documents e -AD in the EMCS system VGD authentication documents.

Shipping agent

Verex / L. de Meijer BV is a shipping agent in the ports of Sas van Gent and Sluiskil amongst others.

Our acquired knowledge and experience in the field of customs procedures means that we are often called upon for all the possible solutions in the field of import, export and storage within the shipping industry. Our independence is an additional reason companies choose us.

Making shipments neutral

When it is desirable that a recipient of the goods cannot trace the origin of them, new shipment transport documents need to be created. For this, goods are made ??entirely neutral.

We can help at any point in the process from the transport letter to the invoice, proof of delivery documents and customs documents. If necessary, the cargo can be sealed, and pictures of the seals and the quality of the load taken. Naturally, here we also guarantee our independence.

VAT registration

In the Netherlands and Belgium, we can act as a VAT tax agent for requesting and delivering of VAT returns. This applies for foreign companies with their own VAT number.

This means that we technically handle your supplies / acquisitions from and to the Netherlands and / or Belgium:

  • Taking care of the VAT returns.
  • Intra- Community declarations.
  • Intra statistical declarations.

If necessary, we can apply for a Dutch and/ or Belgian VAT number for you and therefore carry out the necessary applications and VAT procedures.

Veterinarian inspection

The task of the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) is to protect human and animal health. It monitors food and consumer products to safeguard public health and animal health and welfare. The Authority controls the whole production chain, from raw materials and processing aids to end products and consumption.

For the importation of these goods like ( UCO ) Used cooking oils VEREX can assist in all the formalities regarding the veterinarian control, planning of the VET at the veterinarian checkpoints etc. For the import of these goods are inspections and NVWA appointments needed(food and consumer product safety authority) approved by the European Commission through a border inspection Post (BIP).

To import these goods is a good contact with the NVWA and customs of great importance. Verex is specialized in veterinary inspections of oils of animal origin.

To do this, we arrange all the formalities around submission of veterinary checks, such as the accompanying veterinary requirements ( commercial documents, T-5, etc.), planning of controls at the health point, coordinating the transportation, and the fiscal arrangements like import or transit declarations.

These formalities can be done in Rotterdam and other locations in The Netherlands where this is authorised.