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verex douaneservice

About us

At the beginning of the 20th Century, branches of the established "Terneuzen Storage and Transshipment August de Meijer" were created in various ports. In Sas van Gent, one of these branches was established where a border office was opened with the name "L. de Meijer".

The work carried out in this border office:

In the course of time there emerged a collaboration between several sister companies in Sas van Gent. This resulted in the creation, in 1978, of the new company name Verex. The name Verex is still used today by our business relations.

For many companies, we are a source of information on customs matters. The staff have followed all possible courses and continue to stay up-to-date through regular courses and seminars in the field of customs and international trade.

Meanwhile, we have become a renowned customs service office with many satisfied customers from all possible industries and countries.